INT code   WW II Eff Nov 1950 Early Vietnam Era Eff 1966 MOS Now Description      
humint trans   267   965.1 04B 97L Translator / Interperter      
humint trans         04C 97L Expert interpreter, linguist, translator, special interpreter      
asa in - df   869   056 05D 98D Radio Direction Finder operator      
comsec comsec     1807 (E-6 to E-7)* 055 05G 97G Chief Cryptosecurity Specialist      
comsec comsec     3807 (E2-E5)* 055 05G 97G Cryptosecurity Specialist      
asa in - morse   801 3717 (E-4 to E-5)* 058 05H 98H Morse intercept operator (high speed)      
asa in - morse     1717 (E-5 to E-7)* 058 05H 98H Morse Code Intercept Supervisor      
asa in-05k       059 05K 98K Communications Signal Collections and Processing      
asa ma tty       ? 31J   TTY repair (31J2B3 - ASA specialized)      
commo ma       345 32G   Fixed cryptographic equip repair      
asa sup       32Z 32Z   Fixed Station Chief      
asa ma       286 33B   Intercept Equip Repairman      
asa ma       286.2 33C   Terminal Intercept Equip Repairman (fixed our R-390s)      
asa ma       ?? 33D   Intercept recording sys repair      
asa ma         33F   Demultiplex Systems Repairman      
asa ma       292 33G   ECM/DF systems repair      
asa ma       ?? 33S 33R,33T,33Y EW Intercept systems repair      
ob ob   631   962 96B 96B Intelligence Analyst      
asa in - ta   808 3808 (E4-E5)* 981 98B NA Cryptanalysis/Cryptanalytic Technician      
asa in - ta   808 1808 (E6-E7)* 981 98B NA Cryptanalysis/Cryptanalytic Supervisor (MOS retired in 02/77 - merged with 98C)      
asa in - ta   709 1709 (E6, E7)* 982.1 98C 98C Chief Radio Traffic Analyst      
asa in - ta   709 3709 (E2-E5)* 982 98C 98C Traffic Analyst (Radio)      
asa in - voice   1799 1799 (E5, E6, E7)* 057 98G 98G Radio Communications Interceptor      
asa in - voice   538 2538* 057 98G 98G Voice Intercept Operator      
asa in - elint     204.1 989 & 993 98J 98J EW Operator (Radar Intercept) / Noncommunications Interceptor/Analyst      
comsec comsec     984 98D NA NA COMSEC/SIGSEC analyst (Combined with 05G at some point)      
asa in - voice   543         Radio Intelligence Control Chief      
humint off   9300         Military Intelligence Officer      
off off   9301         Intelligence Staff Officer      
off off   9311         Intelligence and Security Officer      
asa in - ta   9600         Cryptoanalytic Officer, General      
asa in - ta   9601         Cryptoanalytic Officer, Code      
comsec comsec   9603         Cryptographic Officer, Equipment      
humint trans   9604         Cryptoanalytic Officer, Translations      
asa in - ta   9605         Radio Traffic Analysis Officer      
commo ma   9606         Cryptographic Equipment Maintenance and Repair Officer      
comsec comsec   9610         Security Officer, Cryptographic      
off off   9620         Security Officer, Classified Materials      
commo commo   067         Message Center Clerk      
commo tty   239         Teletype Mechanic      
humint trans   320         Interpreter      
commo commo   667         Message Center Clerk      
commo commo   687         Message Center Clerk      
commo rto   707         707 Radio Operator      
commo rto   740         740 Radio Operator, Intermediate Speed      
commo rto   766         766 Radio Operator, High Speed, Manual      
comsec comsec   805         Cryptographic Technician      
comsec comsec   806         Code Clerk      
comsec comsec   807         Cryptographic Code Complier      
comsec comsec   807         Cryptographer (Code Compiler)      
imint imint   8503       96D Imagery Analyst      
comsec comsec   977         Radio Security Technician      
asa in - df           352D Warrant Officer - Emitter Location/Identification Technician      
asa in - elint           352J Warrant Officer - Emanations Analysis Technician      
asa in - morse           352H Warrant Officer - Morse Intercept Technician      
asa in - ta           352C Warrant Officer - Traffic Analysis Technician      
asa in - voice           352G Warrant Officer - Voice Intercept Technician      
asa in-05k           352K Warrant Officer - Non-morse Intercept Technician      
asa ma           33R EW/Intercept Aviation System Repairer      
asa ma           33T EW/Intercept Tactical System Repairer      
asa ma           33Y Strategic Systems Repairer      
asa ma           353A Warrant Officer - IEW Equipment Technician      
asa off       35G     Officer - SIGINT/EW      
commo commo     723 72B     Comm Center Specialist      
commo commo     741 72B     Comm Center Specialist, cryptograhpic specialist, crypto clerk, messenger      
commo commo     983 74E     Analytic Equip Op, Computer Op      
commo ma       76Y     SATCOM station Rec/Transmitter attendant      
commo ma       0801 1801     Cryptographic Equipment Repairman      
commo rto     051 05B     Radio Operator, Radio Supervisor      
commo tty     53 05C     Radio teletype operator, Radio Teletype team chief      
gsr gsr           96R Ground Surveillance Systems Operator      
humint ci           351B Warrant Officer - Counter-intelligence Technician      
humint ci           97B Counter-intelligence agent      
humint ci       35E     Officer, Counter-intelligence      
humint humint           351E Warrant Officer - Human Intelligence Collection Technician      
humint interr           97E Interrogator      
humint off       35F     Officer - Human Intelligence      
imint imint           350D Warrant Officer - Imagery Intelligence Technician      
imint imint           96H Imagery Ground Station Operator      
imint imint       35C     Officer - Imagery Intell      
new uav           96U Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Operator      
new wo           350B Warrant Officer - All Source Intelligence Technician      
off off           15C Aviation All-Source Intell Officer      
off off       35B     Officer - Strategic Intelligence      
off off       35D     Officer - All Source Intelligence