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1 Year Membership - $15.00
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Type of Membership (Circle one) - Open to current or former members of the groups below.

Regular Member:  ASA, INSCOM, SIS, SSS, SSA

Associate Member:  Other US military - Signal Security or Intelligence

Affiliate Member:  NSA, CIA or other Intelligence Agencies

Payment Enclosed (Circle one) New Member: 1 Year $15  -  3 Years $35  -  5 years $55

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NASAA patch featuring the "Vigiles Salutis" school crest (3") (item #2)

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ASA "LFCF" shoulder patch style window sticker (item #6)

NASAA Pin (approx. 1" diameter) (item #10)


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_____ Publish my name and e-mail address only on the NASAA Website



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Be sure to make checks/money orders payable to NASAA
Print this form and mail, along with a check or money order to:

NASAA, C/O Andrew H. Rodriguez
265 Tavernier Drive, Ponte Vedre, FL 32081