NASAA Challenge Coin #9



Low profile ASA cap #7


"I was an Oxymoron" bumper sticker #3

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  • Send form and payment to
    NASAA, C/O Andrew H. Rodriguez
    265 Tavernier Drive, Ponte Vedre, FL 32081
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Please ship me the following NASAA "Collectibles" (All prices include shipping)

Items Quantity Prices  Totals 
1.  NASAA patch featuring the ASA insignia (3") Out of Stock
2.  NASAA patch featuring the ASA "Vigiles Salutis" School Crest (3") $5.00
3.  I was an Oxymoron - bumper sticker 3" x 12" $10.00
4.  Window sticker featuring the INSCOM patch 3 1/2" x 5" Out of Stock
5.  NASAA "shoulder patch style" round window sticker $6.00
6.  ASA LFCF "shoulder patch style" window sticker $6.00
7.  Low profile style LFCF hat - Black with ASA patch, Web address on the back. $16.00
8.  NASAA Vintage Cap - Color in the patch is not ASA "teal." It's a "trucker-style" cap with adjustable band in the back. $16.00
9.  NASAA Challenge Coin $12.00
10.  NASAA Pin (approx. 1" diameter) $7.00
All prices include shipping Total for all items ordered:  $

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